Labour camp

Labour camp

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Labour Camps:-

 We are providing Labour Camps and Accommodation Solutions with installation services across India.To understand more about the product kindly refer the specification sheet attached below:

1. External and Internal Wall: The external and internal wall is made out of 50mm Thick Sandwich Panel which has Galvanized Pre-Coated 0.3mm Sheet on both the sides with 50mm EPS insulation Material.

2. Roofing Material: The Roof is made out of Precoated Galvanized Sheet which is insulated with EPS on the other side.

3.Canopy: Canopy is fixed on the front side of the structure with PPGI Sheets on brackets.

4.Flashing and Trims: Flashing and Trims are made out of PPGI 0.3mm Sheets.

5.Flooring: Adequate support is provided to support 19mm commercial plywood. typical grid size is 390mm to 450mm C/C.

6.Staircase: Fabricated Steel Staircase is provided with 3mm chequered plate for stair treads and railing on one side.

7.Balcony: Fabricated Steel Balcony of 1000mm width is provided on the first floor which had 3mm chequered plate and 1060mm guard rail.

8.External Doors: Door is made out of 32mm Thick Sandwich panel. Door Size: 2000mm x 830mm 

9.Windows: PVC Windows of Size 1740mm x 930mm.